Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

“Deliver all projects on time with total commitment on Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety”

The management and staff of Chuan Lim Construction are committed to meeting customer as well as regulatory and legal requirements, prevention of injury and ill-health, and protection of the environment. We will deliver building and civil engineering works within the contract period, with integrity and good workmanship.

We will provide adequate resources for each project to ensure that our objectives are achieved. We will also provide a safe and healthy working environment for our workforce, and will manage and respond to security threats, such as terrorist attacks.

The management will review the Integrated Management System at planned intervals and make recommendations to continually improve its effectiveness.

Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Objectives

Objectives shall be set for relevant functions contributing to the achievement of QEHS excellence. The Objectives set for the relevant functions are as follow:




Health & Safety


  • Average customer satisfaction index of minimum 65%
  • 100% on-time delivery
  • < 2 environmental fines per project per year
  • Maintain electricity consumption at 197 kWh/staff/month
  • Maintain water consumption at 5m3/staff/month
  • 0 fatality
  • < 5 reportable incidents and occupation disease